Philanthropy. The love of humanity

Philanthropy. The love of humanity: the love of the potential for compassion, love, and life. Critical both at scale, and at each moment with each individual. For us, philanthropy aims to enable people to realize their best selves. Sometimes, this is focused and pragmatic – such as supporting our local foodbank. Food security for families and children provides an essential foundation for life’s potential.

More broadly, this can also range to other dimensions. Supporting entrepreneurship. Supporting the next generation of educational leaders. Supporting key projects to encourage leadership and courage in the love of humanity.

Some philanthropic investments are commercial models for social impact.

What pattern shapes these philanthropic investments? The venture investing model: a selected and unique entrepreneur, a bold plan frequently with intelligent risk, the potential assets and skills to execute the plan, and favorable market conditions.

It is important for us to note, however, that philanthropy also seeks more than simply outcomes. It is also a form of community engagement. This engagement is a partnership between multiple stakeholders, the most important being the members of the community directly affected by the engagement.

We share common commitments, values, and principles regarding the expression of generosity in our community and the world at large. We also respect that our individual expression of these values often manifests in different ways. While there may be times when we will collaborate in a particular expression of giving, we also respect, honor, and support our mutual autonomy in making our giving decisions. In the words of one of our heroes: “Philanthropy is commendable, but it must not cause the philanthropist to overlook the circumstances of economic injustice which make philanthropy necessary.”

In case you want to approach me ….

First, I look for entrepreneurs with both a bold long-term vision and the resilience and creativity to bring their idea to market.

Second, I like opportunities and models that have the potential for massive scale. That is, can this solve needs for millions to even hundreds of millions of people?

Finally, I look for unique insights and advantages the entrepreneur has that others might not. Why is their approach the one that’s going to achieve scale sustainably? When entrepreneurs make a persuasive case for their unique thesis that has these characteristics, I’m in. I will put money into an organization with the goal of that organization becoming self-sustaining. In that case, the tax status of the recipient is unimportant – the eventual return on ‘investment’ is the sustained impact of that organization.



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