Pushp Sharma’s ordeal continues

Dear friends,

My next expose’ From London

Please wait for my expose’ ….

 I m Self-exiled Indian writer / Investigative journalist living in London since 2018. The reason is that I was facing regular threats and torture because of my journalistic work done against the current regime.

All I want you to just have a look to the facts dispassionately. I don’t belong to the tribe of heroes, crusaders or martyrs; I belong to the unwanted tribe of journalists who get punished for doing their job.  Journalists in such situation feel isolated and it’s hard to see how to challenge this when no one is there to protect.

Latest development –

May 2018-

In May 2018 I had conducted media investigation in which a digital wallet company, based out of NOIDA had claimed illegally sharing users’ data with PMO (Prime Minister Office) and it was caught on camera. All details are in public domain which can be cross checked independently.

Shooting the messenger –

2018 –

PMO was exposed in illegal data-sharing that’s why I was consistently followed, harassed and tortured by IB (Intelligence Bureau) officials on 26 June (2018) , 9 October (2018), 19 October (2018) and 25 November (2018) and all this happened on the name of formal questioning. I was given threat to leave country or face death so I had no other option left except to leave the country.

Conspiracy to win upcoming general election of 2019 illegally

‘Illegal data-sharing of millions of users’ is part of larger conspiracy connecting to ‘illegal electoral intervention’ (a foreign hand) or in brief a meddling in the upcoming general election in India (due to be held in India between April and May 2019 to constitute the 17th Lok Sabha). Since the conspiracy is going to help current regime to retain power that’s why PMO doesn’t want issue (illegal data-sharing) to be investigated further.

Facts –

I m keeping facts in public domain that ‘illegal data control and illegal data-sharing’ is part of international conspiracy in brief ‘ election sabotage’.

China backed Indian startup is involved in this conspiracy as vice president of Indian startup mentioned a specific name Mr Khulbe (PMO official). The company (Indian startup) in question is a fraud, orchestrated for political purposes.

Neighboring country is using Indian partner as front face for commercial espionage and in return, ‘plenty of evidence’ of Chinese plans of meddling in upcoming Indian elections to please current political regime.

Background –

Alibaba is an investor in this Indian startup. Since the early days, Alibaba, has been supported by the Chinese government which used Alibaba’s Taobao and Tmall sites to do billions of dollars of transactions between various government agencies which allowed Alibaba to post eye-popping revenues and growth in the early days.

The Chinese government still conducts a lot of trade between its various agencies using Alibaba platforms so as to ensure the continued scorching growth rates that Alibaba has been able to post year in and year out.

With China’s murky and archaic ownership structure laws and the fact that the government of China and/or the China Communist Party has huge control over almost single thing in the Chinese economy, companies and even society, means that Alibaba is the “golden child” at the moment. In almost every single line of its various businesses, Alibaba is by and large protected by the government from foreign competitors. So  Alibaba have embarked on a huge buying spree, snapping up real-world companies at a mind boggling pace before its once bread and butter business (auction) fades away slowly,  after Alibaba has “legitimized” through its massive shopping spree acquisitions, strategic partnerships, stakes and joint ventures. The Communist Party of China has thus succeeded in building a publicly traded global brand name although it’s been done under the usual cloak and dagger secrecy.

To mitigate post election allegations, the blame for election interference will be thrown upon the criminals. It is Chinese manoeuvres with Chinese characteristics and current regime is just looking for political gain that’s why PMO didn’t order any investigation into illegal data-sharing with PMO. Much more is at stake unless Indian government gets wise to the protectionism that is rampant in China. It’s national shame that PMO (in India) is operating as organizational set up of party politics not as an institution.

In addition, pressure has to be applied to force the Chinese authorities and companies to follow transparent Indian trade rules first only then the Chinese companies should be allowed to operate on our shores.

Other reasons –

September 2013 – Operation Vakaltnama (Already in public domain)

The story exposed senior BJP leaders (Current PM Narender Modi , BJP President Amit Shah ,current HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar , upper house BJP MP Bhupender Yadav, secretary organisation Mr Ram Lal Ji etc) conspiring to help Amit Shah (BJP President – the party currently running the government ) evade the noose in the Tulsi Ram Prajapati fake encounter case by getting Narmada Bai, Tulsi Ram’s mother, sign on blank vakalatnamas.

All leaders were facing CBI case, based on sting tapes. This entire case was built on my sting videos which I handed over to CBI on their demand. It’s well known fact that CBI can’t go against its own political bosses. CBI court has already discharged the high profile faces involved in this. Undoubtedly it’s just an example of banana republic.

2016 – Ayush Ministry expose’

18 March 2016: The Ayush Ministry went hammer and tongs after me when the RTI story was published by filing a false case against me. The IO alleged in the court that the laptop used to create forged documents for the story by the accused, that is me, was confiscated from me. However, this claim fell flat when an FSL report stated that “no such document” was retrieved from the laptop. The case is still pending.

A Travel restriction was imposed on me by Delhi police. Police issued notice to me not to leave Delhi/India without informing them. I was arrested on 13 May. During Travel ban, for close to two months IB (Intelligence Bureau) was used to scare me.

IB officers made my life hell in these two months. Threats, continuous surveillance and calls from ‘no numbers visible on screen’ tactics was used to scare me with suggestions, not to do any hard hitting story against current PM or BJP President Mr Narender Modi. I stopped going outside. My servant was my only help to get outside work done. I locked myself in my Delhi home to avoid any possible eventuality.

Please read the link below to know how Delhi police cooked up a story (against Journalist Pushp Sharma) and finally , smart Delhi Police (under Home Ministry) got caught red handed.


As it often happens, when your stories hurt certain interests, or powerful individuals, it is you who are hounded or witch-hunted by the establishment. I am no exception to this phenomenon. The media is in the worst state India has ever seen.

Weight of legal cases and threats leave India’s journalists feeling exposed and alone. Threats of different shape and size (political pressure, self-censorship, defamation suits, and attacks) , end of the day journalism becomes a solitary battle. Journalists are constantly facing harassment, threats of legal action, imprisonment, or even been killed in retaliation for their reporting.

But the current level of harassment and intimidation is unprecedented. The current state is “an undeclared emergency” in an effort to consolidate power. Safety, security and independence are moot questions for every journalist including me. A normal journalistic work–telling the truth–has become abnormal and life-threatening.

Any investigative work on the criminality of politicians or data that busts government claims is unacceptable [to authorities]. There’s a climate of fear and self-censorship in India. I m 48 years old, a professional journalist but now the situation is like this where I have to continue my fight somewhere from outside India. When the facts are assessed in totality, exposing high and mighty is purely a journalistic work, not motivated by personal gain.

My end goal is objectivity. Objectivity in journalism aims to help the audience make up their own mind about a story, providing the facts alone and then letting audiences interpret those on their own. Journalism is not a crime and cases against journalists, critical to the current regime, are politically motivated and sheer vendetta.

The dangers to journalists in India have been well known. All the murdered journalists had been critical of current political establishment. The cases against me are just shooting the messenger.

I m discussing with my lawyers to move the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the principal judicial organ of the United Nations (UN) to take my legal battle ahead and for exercising the right of freedom of speech – a right also belonging to all potential readers, and guaranteed under every international human rights convention.

As I stated above I don’t belong to the tribe of heroes, crusaders or martyrs; I belong to the unwanted tribe of journalists who get punished for doing their job. 

Therefore, let me conclude that I solemnly declare that I will perform my duties as journalist and exercise my powers as human rights activist (irony is, I admit I couldn’t fight for my own human rights) to take this battle further. It’s my firm conviction that media plays a vital role and has huge impact and can’t be allowed to disappear.

If I have said anything which appears to you to be erroneous, I hope you will pardon me. I know you always like people to speak truth. That is what has emboldened me in writing this long letter.

With respectful Pranams,

Pushp Sharma



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